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News | Sep 22nd, 2020

In surprise video, Neymar announces Everton 2019/20 Player of the Year award to Richarlison

Everton prepared a great surprise for Richarlison on the day he was awarded the Best Player of the 2019/20 Season: his idol Neymar recorded a video announcing the result. Holding the statuette of Everton's greatest striker of all time, Dixie Dean, Ney said a few words of encouragement to his fellow attacker on the national team:

- I know that you are the first Brazilian to win this award and I am very proud of you. I hope you continue to score goals and help your club and your teammates, and you know that I wish you the best. It is a pleasure to present you with this award. Congratulations!

Upon receiving the award, Richarlison reinforced his ambition to continue honouring Everton's blue shirt. The 2019/20 Best Player of the Season award, decided by fans' online vote, includes work that resulted in 14 goals in 2018/19 and 15 goals in all competitions last season.

- I would like to thank our fans for the honour of this wonderful award that so many legendary names have won in the past - this award really means a lot to me, said Richarlison.

- Since I arrived here, it has been an honour to play for this club. Carlo Ancelotti came along to build a winning team and I have no doubt that we will have a great season ahead, he added.

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